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Nau Mai Haere Mai. Welcome to Cargill Open Plan School

Cargill Open Plan School offers all the benefits of a small country school with all of the advantages of a large town school. The ‘Open Plan’ refers to the classroom design where there is a class operating in an open space with attached learning hubs to suit all learning styles. In partnership with parents and community, our vision is to grow confident respectful leaders, meeting the challenges of success in learning and gain knowledge to support life skills. 

Programmes Principles

All of our programmes will be planned, prioritised and reviewed to ensure they are consistently underpinned by the eight principles.

Through all our programmes, students will be encouraged to value:

•  High expectations 

•  Treaty of Waitangi                  

•  Cultural diversity

•  Inclusive programmes       

•  Learning to learn  

•  Community engagement   

•  Coherence in decisions

•  Future focus            

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