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Enrol your Child 

Starting school or changing schools are important events for all children and we aim to make it a favourable experience for all involved.


Starting School

Starting school or changing schools are important events for all children and we aim to make it a favourable experience for all involved.

If you are considering sending your child to Cargill, you are most welcome to come and look around the school and discuss your needs with staff.

New Entrants are encouraged to visit their new classroom for several weeks prior to turning 5. This can be arranged directly with the school or through the kindergarten or early childhood centre your child attends.

Our new entrant class makes reciprocal visits to the kindergarten next door which allows for children to catch up with their old friends and teachers.

All children are issued with free stationery on enrolment to make their transition to our school as easy as possible.

Enrolment packs are available from the school office.


Education Review Office (ERO)

From 2019 report


  • The school identifies all those students whose learning is at risk and tracks progress for these students throughout the year. These records show accelerated outcomes for some students, including Māori, in reading, writing and mathematics.

  • Effective systems are in place to identify and address the needs of students achieving well below expected levels. Interventions to support these learners, including those undertaken by external agencies, are well managed, monitored and reported to trustees.

  • Individual teachers bring a range of effective teaching strategies and knowledge to their roles. They gather an appropriate range of achievement information to group students for instruction and identify target learners in their classrooms. 

  • The majority of students are achieving at or above expected curriculum levels in reading and mathematics and most students in writing 

  • Classrooms are settled and relationships with teachers are supportive of students’ learning and wellbeing. 

  • High levels of student engagement with learning are evident across the school. 

  • Programmes and relationships in classrooms are supportive and affirming of the language, culture and identity of Māori learners.

  • Teachers model te reo Māori across the curriculum and tikanga is well supported through dedicated teaching time, school-wide kapa haka and reciprocal relationships between students and teachers. 


2021 Achievement Data 

The school works towards achieving annual goals that relate to our strategic planning, and report on our progress to the Ministry of Education. 

2021 Annual Goal 1: Increase opportunities for children to express creativity through the visual arts with each child producing three pieces of art work in different media during the year. 

100% achieved by Term 3.

2021 Annual Goal 2: Increase to 75% the number of children in Year 2-6 who are at or above the expected stage in knowledge and recall of math's basic facts by the end of the year. 

Achieved and surpassed by 96% of children.

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