Student Voice:

At Cargill:

  • You get to learn. You get to play with friends. You get to read. Jessica
  • People say please and thank you heaps. Shaun
  • Everybody looks after each other and they help keep the school clean by picking up rubbish. Chloe

Cargill has:

  • Toys in the classrooms for the kids to play with. Tamarua
  • Nice people there. The work is fun and interesting. Judith
  • Refreshment breaks. Jason

At Cargill I like:

  • Learning maths, spelling and big words. Kaesha
  • Making stuff and painting in art. Liam
  • The staff because when you get stuck on something they help you out. Liam
  • Maths and I like counting. Scarlet
  • Writing heaps of sentences. Taylah
  • Playing. Constance
  • Doing choosing on Friday. Hunter
  • Reading because it can help you with your spelling. Summer-Jean
  • Coming to school because I like running. Mere
  • Playing on the playground because it’s nice on the flying fox. Gabby
  • Working to learn. It’s fun. Riley
  • To see my writing on the wall. Janeiba
  • The library because it keeps me entertained and I can get books out. Jayde


Parent Voice:

Our children:

  • Attend Cargill because they receive high quality education and are taught good values through the 4C’s philosophy. Paul
  • Like Cargill School because it has a warm and inviting feeling. I have two daughters who have been to Cargill and are now at Intermediate and High School. Both are doing extremely well in all subject areas. I have one daughter attending Cargill who is also doing really well. Ozelle
  • Are proud to be part of Cargill School. I like the nurturing environment that is provided for our children and the values that are instilled in them while they are at school. The Cargill 4C’s are a large factor in the true family focused environment that the school provides. Tony 

Cargill provides:

  • An environment that recognises effort and rewards continuously. We have watched our son grow from lacking in confidence to excelling and providing leadership in all areas.  Doug
  • A warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Its excellent teaching staff promote the 4C’s values which the kids readily display as part of the norm. Cargill provides a great learning environment to build the foundations for our children’s futures. Temuna
  • A high standard of teaching. The teachers here stand out head and shoulders above the pack. Al
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